Free Animated Flag Waving Emoticons Maker 2.0

You can now make the flag waving Emofaces with any flag yourself. Simply select an image from you computer and click on 'Create Flag Waving Emofaces'. Version 2 fixes several bugs. Transparent images are now processed much better, but please let me know if you have any problems with it.

Animated waving Emoticons of all flags of world countries and all U.S. states flags are ready made.

Select image for flag:
(jpg, png or gif images)


You should be able to use any PNG, GIF or JPEG image as long as the resolution of the image isn't too high. As the actual flag bit is only 45 x 45 pixels, small images (300 x 300 pixels) will provide good results.


Your uploaded images will not be stored on the server after the Emoticons have been generated. The generated Emoticons will stay on the server for at least 24 hours. After this period they may be deleted without further notice.

Saving generated images

As the generated images may be deleted after 24 hours you will need to save them to your own computer if you want to continue using them. You can do this by right clicking on them and select 'Save as...'.


The Emoface designs remain copyright by You may use the flag waving animation generated using this page for non commercial personal use only, as long as credit is provided to as the source. Please see the Emofaces copyright page for more information.


I've used Flags of the World page on the CIA Factbook to create waving flags of all world countries and waving U.S. states flags.