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Emoticons, Buddy Icons & Smilies
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After ordering the download there is no need to be online to use your favorite Emofaces. You'll have direct access to all 6,000+ Emofaces from your own computer. You can use the Emofaces in three easy steps :
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  2. select the Emoface you like and
  3. add to your email, letter or anything else for that matter.

The archive contains:

  • All 6,000+ Emofaces from
    • 2,000+ Emoticons
    • 2,000+ Buddy Icons
    • 2,000+ Smilies
  • 45+ Animated Emoticons (in gif or flash formats)
  • 247 Animated country flag waving Emoticons
  • 52 Animated U.S. state flag waving Emoticons

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The full archive including all animated waving flags takes up approximately 100MB. A package without the animated flag Emoticons is available, this requires 30MB of available hard disc space.