Commercial use of emofaces

Guide prices

For commercial use the following guide prices are used:

Packaged use (raster based .gif or .png)

Use in forums or software: From USD 75 per year per emoface package (2,150+ emoticons / 2,150+ buddy icons / 2,150+ smilies)

Custom use (vector based .ai, .pdf, .svg or .eps)

Preparation fee of USD 25 per emoface. Fee lowers for simultaneous multiple emoface orders.
  • Resale products: 15% of resell value
  • Logo use: From USD 75 per year per emoface

33% discount for non religious registered charities and schools.

Raster or vector based?

As opposed to the raster based images (where rough pixels may be shown when the image is enlarged), vector image formats contain a geometric description which can be shown smoothly at any desired display size.

  • Raster based
    • Software
    • Online
    • Powerpoint
    • Low resolution
    • Difficult to rescale
  • Vector based
    • Print
    • Offline
    • Easy to rescale
    • Any resolution: can be used to generate raster images of any size

Highlights terms and conditions

  • Use are on non exclusive and non transferable basis
  • Default prices based on visible copyright notice: ©

Enquiry form

Buddy icons
Low .gif resolution as on website *
High resolution vector based image (pdf/eps/ai format) **
Don`t know
(Company) presentation
Products for resale
Forum icons
One time
More frequently
* Best for use on websites and other digital publications or for small prints
** Perfect for use on prints of any size