Download Free Emoticon Screensaver - One of three Emofaces screensavers

The first version of the screensaver is now released. At the moment it is a fairly simple screensaver with the main three designs - emoticons, buddy icons and smilies - bouncing happily around your screen. I hope to add more Emofaces to the screensaver in the near future.

Below you can see screenshots of the actual screensaver. Since the Emoticons, Buddy icons and Smilies bounce around in the real screensaver they don't show how hypnotic it is. They will give you an impression though!

Screenshot Emoticons Screensaver Screenshot Buddy icons Screensaver Screenshot Smilies Screensaver screensaver features Screensaver Configuration screen
The screensaver is fully configurable. You can:
  • Set whether you want to see Emofaces, Buddy Icons or Smilies
  • Change the Emoface type randomly after a set time
  • Set the number of Emofaces in the screensaver
  • Set the speed of the logos
  • Turn the clock on/off
  • Set the size, font and colour of the clock
  • Turn background logo on and off
  • Select whether logos should bounce
When the screensaver is running, you can use the following keys to set the options:
+Increase number of images
-Decrease number of images
Left arrowDecrease speed
Right arrowIncrease speed
Up or Down arrowChange Emoface type
/ (Numpad)Make clock smaller
* (Numpad)Make clock bigger
Numpad 5 Change clock
Numpad 7 Change background
Numpad 9 Change bounce images

Known bugs

  • If there are a lot (and I mean a lot) of Emofaces on the screen they sometimes tend to cluster together and not get unstuck any more.
  • This screensaver has only been tested on Windows XP, use on other Windows versions is entirely at your own risk.

Initial release v1.0 (10 December 2006)

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